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[VOX27] SEINE - Sno Sna [LP/CD]

[VOX27] SEINE - Sno Sna [LP/CD]

10 EUR
[VOX27] SEINE - Sno Sna [2017 : 12"/CD]

After Vlasta Popić's implosion, Ivan Ščapec re-embraces his solo project, now empowered with a bassist and a drumer. Still sung in his native language, the compositions of the Croatian are revealed in a darker light than in his previous trio. Developing a kind of rasping "anti-folk", Seine proposes, under minimalist approaches, a diving in the entrails of insomnia. At the bottom of the bottom, like a dream into a dream.

Tracklist :
01. Spavam
02. Svog
03. Privatno Tijelo
04. Bubamara
05. Ko
06. Kritika Čistog Razuma
07. Puška
08. Janko
09. Šilo
10. Ljubav

Black 12" // CD crystal case