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[VOX23] OFFRET - Self Titled [LP - TAPE]

[VOX23] OFFRET - Self Titled [LP - TAPE]

OFFRET - SELF TITLED [2017 : 12"]

"The debut EP from Russian one-man act OFFRET allows a little more variety and casts author Andrey Prokofiev as someone of a dark metal modernist. His offering is based on acoustic guitar and trombones framework distorted by Sunn Model T amp bass, and presents an unparalleled sense of wonder within each song. Perhaps Andrey should have added a bit more colour to the canvas, but this work was not crafted to entertain the kids."

One-Sided Solid Red, black marbled 12", reverse card board cover, insert with lyrics (RU/EN)

Coproduced with : Sieve and Sand (France), Dingleberry Records (Germany), Wooaaargh (Germany), Shalosh Cult (Germany / Israel), TRVS Records (Russia), Manchikha (Russia), Kosovo.Pole (Russia), Towner Records (Russia).

VOX23 / 2017