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[DISTRO] WE STOOD LIKE KINGS - Berlin 1927 [2*12"]

[DISTRO] WE STOOD LIKE KINGS - Berlin 1927 [2*12"]

15 EUR
WE STOOD LIKE KINGS - Berlin 1927 [2014 : 2*12"]

“Berlin 1927″ is an ambitious project started in early 2012 by the four young Belgian musicians of Belgian post-rock band We Stood Like Kings. They were offered the opportunity to write an original soundtrack for Ruttmann’s 1927 silent movie “Berlin, die Sinfonie der Großstadt”. Their evocative music, ranging from the very soft to the very loud, suits the atmosphere of the movie particularly well. Both music and film blend into a unique experience for the audience.
WE STOOD LIKE KINGS stand where instrumental rock meets classical music. Expect complex post-rock with strong progressive influences, in which several entangled melodies are combined in such a way that you will feel inclined to let it slowly ripen in your ear. An adventurous mixture of intensity and refinement at the crossroads between innovation and tradition, this young band is looking up to bands such as Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky or Caspian, just to mention a few of their major influences. From ambient to epic and from moody to bright, WE STOOD LIKE KINGS’s music is constantly evolving, every new layer beautifully blending into a new unexpected dimension.

2*12" black, simple cover