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[DISTRO] SONSON - A Shine Below The Mound [12"]

[DISTRO] SONSON - A Shine Below The Mound [12"]

10 EUR
SONSON - A Shine Below The Mound [2014 : 12"]

One year after the release of the debut-EP, Sweden based band SONSON releases it's first full lenght album.
SONSON music is instrumental, which of course may seem like another Postrock-Band... but hold your horses. But that’s only true insofar as their music also tells stories without words.
But where the classic Postrock builds epic landscapes, SONSON are telling short stories, raw and rough, like a Roadtrip where the landscape changes every few minutes.
6 tracks with the rhythm of Krautrock, the energy of punkrock and a lot of psychedelic influences.
Neu! meets Hot Snakes meets Goat.

12", black.