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[DISTRO] NINE ELEVEN - Sentinels [12"]

[DISTRO] NINE ELEVEN - Sentinels [12"]

11 EUR
NINE ELEVEN - Sentinels [2016 : 12"]

1 track of epic hardcore (between modern and post/ ) dispatched on 5 parts compose the brilliant new album of Nine Eleven, HxC veterans from Tours.

Vinyl's Edition out on Bad Mood rcds, Désordre Ordonné, Dingleberry rcds, Don't Trust The Hype, Emergence rcds, Epidemic rcds, Grain of Sand rcds, Guerilla Asso, Hardcore 4 Losers, I Corrupt, I For Us, Sieve & Sand rcds, Trivel rcds, Ugly & Proud rcds, Unlock Yourself rcds, World Appreciated Kitsch rcds & Nine Eleven Conspiracy

Gatefold, black 12"