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[DISTRO] NINE ELEVEN - 24 Years [12"]

[DISTRO] NINE ELEVEN - 24 Years [12"]

10 EUR
NINE ELEVEN - 24 Years [12" : 2013]

"24 years" is a kind of 6 acts tragedy, relating sensible experiences we got from this world in a chronological narrative order, that the weft and literary structure is inspired straight from Goethe's "Faust".
This record is about the story of the One who's living, the ones who're singing it along, and the monster who's looking for turning everything alive into incorporated death.

Recorded live and mixed at « La Senelle » @ Laval (France) by Amaury Sauvé.
Mastered by New Alliance East Mastering (US)

180gr 12" Black vinyl + printed innersleeve + insert.

Ecuries : Autoprod.