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[DISTRO] NIKKI LOUDER - Golden Men [12"]

[DISTRO] NIKKI LOUDER - Golden Men [12"]

NIKKI LOUDER - Golden Men [12" : 2013]
Discounted as the vinyl cover is slightly damaged in the corners, take a look at the pictures.

Nikki Louder are chaotic noise rock trio from Slovenia. Their third full-length album entitled "Golden Men" significantly differs from its predecessors. Sure, "Golden Men" can be loosely defined as post-punky instrument-slaughtering noise rock, elements of chaotic wall-of-sound textures are still present, and thundering rhythm section still forms thick and solid base over which noisy guitars and screaming vocals dance wildly. However, new Nikki Louder album sounds a bit more straightforward and less hermetic than before, the songs have a certain ethereal color and are somehow more concrete, and as such the album will probably be a step more digestible to those used to a more "classical" noise-rock approach. But don’t be mislead – "Golden Men" is by no means less heavy and intense, and this development of band's sound only shows their ability to shift and mutate inside a frame that can be very restrictive for bands who aren't dexterous and sophisticated as Nikki Louder are.

12" black vinyl, screenprinted cover
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