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[DISTRO] K.C.MILIAN - All Sorts Of Things [2x12"]

[DISTRO] K.C.MILIAN - All Sorts Of Things [2x12"]

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K.C.MILIAN - All Sorts Of Things (Discography)  [2x12" : 2012]

“One of the greatest screamo / post hardcore / instrumental post rock bands from Italy. This amazing set of songs include everything they have ever recorded. A must to have.” -Karol, Idioteq
k.c. milian were a band from genova, italy who played some nice melodic postrock that doesn’t need wall-of-sound. this is their discography. the record comes in white inside out covers with purple pantone-colored print on cover and labels and includes a thick stamped&handnumbered risoprinted 32 pages booklet with words, pictures and all that’s left of the bandmembers’ memories. the record includes everything they ever recorded, the season// repeat EP on marsiglia, S/T EP on holidays records, the song from the split 7″ with La Quiete and 3 brand new unreleased songs.

2x12" black, heavy cardboard, screenprinted cover, 32p booklet