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[DISTRO] FAKE OFF - Boréal [12"]

[DISTRO] FAKE OFF - Boréal [12"]

10 EUR
FAKE OFF - Boréal [2016 : 12"]

"Combining the intense hardcore ingredients and more melodic, emotional elements, the newest EP from French band FAKE OFF balances brute force and cleaner moods perfectly and serves an intense and heartfelt listen backed up by considerable skill. “Boréal” is definitely a worthy, infectious follow-up to their 2014 full length “Climatic Accidents, Landscape​-​Making” and 2009 debut EP “Appalling Options”." IDIOTEQ

Coreleased on :
Backpack Records (de) / BG Records (fr) / Dingleberry Records (de) / Dirty Slap Records (fr) / Don't Trust The Hype Recordz (fr) / Emergence Records (fr) / I For Us Records (be) / Inhumano Discos (ch) / Koepfen Records (de) / KROD Records (fr) / Lonely Voyage Records (uk) / Mustard Mustache Records (de)

Clear with Pink splatters 12". Insert