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[DISTRO] DUCT HEARTS - Feathers [12"/CD]

[DISTRO] DUCT HEARTS - Feathers [12"/CD]

10 EUR
DUCT HEARTS - Feathers [12"/CD : 2017]

By placing their mid-90’s emo/diy roots into modern postrock soundscapes munich based duct hearts create a mix that is cryptic yet simple, mysterious yet heart-on-your-sleeve, loud yet fragile, beautiful yet raw. ‚Feathers‘, the band’s debut album, is versatile. different. in a good way. it’s one of these records that can grow on you, more and more with every listen. if you let it. consisting of 6 songs, clocking in just under 32 minutes, the record deals with thoughts on families, their dependencies, their safety and its influences on how they function, or often not function. Recommended if you like: elliott, light bearer, arktika, thrice, the appleseed cast.

LP: 180g black vinyl, black inner sleeves, heavy inside out cover, inlay sheet with lyrics and liner notes
CD: 6-panel-inside out printed digipack, 4-page inlay