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[DISTRO] DEAD FOR A MINUTE - Diégèse [12"]

[DISTRO] DEAD FOR A MINUTE - Diégèse [12"]

10 EUR
DEAD FOR A MINUTE - Diégèse [LP : 2002, reissue 2015]

Originaly released in 2002, remasterised and reissue : 2015

File under : chaos/noise/violence
"DEAD FOR A MINUTE was a band of losers active from 1998 to 2003. With a couple of records under their belt and some of the most memorable shows to date in the French hardcore music scene, they paved the way for this new generation of groups that mix the most chaotic moods with metal and punk aesthetics. Pure, raw and noisy chaos with the ugliest screeching vocals heard from a human being."

3 pannels screenprinted cover, One Sided LP, Laser etched

Ecurie : Specific Recordings
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