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[DISTRO] CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE - Cathédrale De Strasbourg [2*12"]

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CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE - Cathédrale De Strasbourg [2016 : 2*12"]
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This 70min organ concert was recorded in 2012 in Strasbourg Cathedral during the «Transes» symposium at HEAR. This was a unique performance in the cathedral’s history and an important performance for Charlemagne Palestine, showing him at his best, slowly developing a wild crescendo and filling the gigantic space with his own ritual full of trance and ecstasy. 2015 marks the millennium of Strasbourg Cathedral.

Recorded in Strasbourg - 15/11/2012 at Cathédrale de Strasbourg, during TRANSE(S) event at Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg
Recorded by Philippe Lepeut, mixed by Joachim Montessuis
Limited edition 500 copies - available 19th Feb.