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[DISTRO] BRYAN LEWIS SAUNDERS - Near Death Experience [12"]

[DISTRO] BRYAN LEWIS SAUNDERS - Near Death Experience [12"]

15 EUR
BRYAN LEWIS SAUNDERS - Near Death Experience [2010 : 12"]

Kind of super-experimental spoken words on various artists tracks, including Joachim Montessuis. From Harsh Noise to Heavy Drone... A really impressive and immersive piece of work.

"The bastard son of William S. Burroughs, Antonin Artaud and Crispin Glover. Hilarious, awful, heartbreaking and brutally honest, his Stand Up Tragedy is some of the best shit I've heard in a decade - if "OYSTER" doesn't break your heart-while laughing your ass off - you're dead.." - Lydia Lunch

 "Bryan Lewis saunders is a performer and sound poet. He works here with different musicians. Extreme sound poetry ! With music from Joachim Montessuis, Marcelo Aguirre, Christopher Fleeger, M. Peck, John Duncan, Spastic Dementia, Kaontrol Kontraos, Murmurists."  - Metamkine

10 tracks on vinyl + 9 bonus tracks to download (total of 19 tracks available in AIFF, MP3, FLAC) + texts PDF